good morning liam.

well technically not morning but a wake up from Liam's first nap and we all are still in our pj's so might as well be morning! And this is pretty much the norm with Brayden following me up to give him wake up hugs and kisses. Pretty adorable! And even a few with me in it thanks to Ryan :)

funny boys.

These make me laugh. 'trying' to get a decent shot of the 2 of them to print & frame for my grandma's xmas gift.. I ended up putting the whole series together because it was too awesome not too. 

christmas concert.

We are seriously the proudest parents ever. You had your first Christmas concert today and it was the most adorable thing. Your preschool class sang the peace song.. and everyone in your class stood nice and sang.. except you of course, who had to dance! It was the best watching you dance around up on stage. You sure do love to dance little boy! 

ice skating on the tennis courts

That time that we had a wind storm and all the fallen leaves clogged the storm drains, followed by so much rain that the tennis courts flooded and finally enough days of freezing weather that an ice rink was created. Considering sub freezing weather in Vancouver is not the most common during winter (unlike the rain!), this was pretty fun! 

day 59.

At the park in the morning and the light was kind of amazing so I couldn't help but include this iphone picture..  I actually did take a photo with my big camera afterwards, but by the time I got it out the light was gone.


day 56.

you climbed to the top of the 'mountain' and declared yourself king of the castle.. which sounded very grown up of you until you asked for my help to get back down again and you were once again my little boy :)