park afternoons

Recently we've been heading up to the park by our place. I'll put Liam in the stroller and all of Brayden's diggers & shovels in the bottom and we'll walk up.  Today Grandma brought over some binoculars for Brayden, which he insisted this morning he needed to have! So those came too! A few photos from our walk up and playing while there. 

Library Retro Day

Retro day at the library discovering all sorts of 'old' things.. like touch tone phones, record players & typewriters. Admittedly so I was much more interested than either of you but we did get to take home a poloraid picture of the 3 of us. And well, since I don't have a whole lot of photos with me in it, here it is! 

first hockey game.

tickets to the Canucks vs LA game for you and daddy for Christmas. You were pretty excited and had a great time.. although only lasting until the 2nd period since it was a bit late. Your favorite part when I asked you was the blue guys and the fish and chips daddy bought you.. which was swedish gummy fish & a bag of chips! You even got a poster and hung it above your bed.

post christmas dancing, drumming & baby wearing.

Brayden - your favorite thing to do right is dance! Every day, several times a day you ask to have a dance party. You got this little cd player from Grandma & Grandpa for your birthday and is certainly getting good usage. You love it! Your favorite songs to dance to - wheels on the bus, jingle bells, skip to my lou, and this old man. You're the cutest little dancer :).